Thursday, April 20, 2006

Major Developments
Questions of periodization
Continuities and breaks, causes of changes from the previous period and within this period
Changes in trade, technology, and global interactions
Knowledge of major empires and other political units and social systems
Ottoman, China, Portugal, Spain, Russia, France, England, Tokugawa, Mughal, characteristics of African empires in general but knowing one (Kongo, Benin, Oyo, or Songhay) as illustrative
Gender and empire (including the role of women in households and in politics)
Slave systems and slave trade
Demographic and environmental changes: diseases, animals, new crops, and comparative population trends
Cultural and intellectual developments
Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
Comparative global causes and impacts of cultural change
Changes and continuities in Confucianism
Major developments and exchanges in the arts (e.g., Mughal)
Diverse interpretations
What are the debates about the timing and extent of European predominance in the world economy?
How does the world economic system of this period compare with the world economic network of the previous period?
Major Comparisons and Snapshots
Imperial systems: European monarchy compared with a land-based Asian empire
Coercive labor systems: slavery and other coercive labor systems in the Americas
Comparative knowledge of empire (i.e., general empire building in Asia, Africa, and Europe)
Compare Russia's interaction with the West with the interaction of one of the following (Ottoman Empire, China, Tokugawa Japan, Mughal India) with the West
Examples of What You Need to Know
Below are examples of the types of information you are expected to know contrasted with examples of those things you are not expected to know for the multiple-choice section.
Neoconfucianism, but not specific Neoconfucianists
Importance of European exploration, but not individual explorers
Characteristics of European absolutism, but not specific rulers
Reformation, but not Anabaptism or Huguenots
Ottoman conquest of Constantinople, but not the Safavid Empire
Siege of Vienna (1688–89), but not the Thirty Years' War
Slave plantation systems, but not Jamaica's specific slave system
Institution of the harem, but not Hurrem Sultan